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Ages 2-4 



Gan Academy focuses on educating the whole child as a capable, unique and limitless individual. Each Child is provided with the tools necessary to reach their fullest potential and lead a meaningful and successful life into adulthood.


Relationships, individuality, and social-emotional development guide all teaching. We include multiple modalities in lesson plans, such as visual, auditory and kinesthetic learning. This enables each child to gain from every lesson in a way most beneficial to them, as well as ingrains information into their long term memory. 

Judaic Studies 

Aleph Beis is taught according to the הוראות of the Rebbeim, and קריאה is taught using a multi-modal approach that is according to the מסורה of Chassidus. 'אהבת ה' and 'יראת ה' are fundamental pillars of Yiddidhkeit ingrained in the lessons and actions of our students. 


All general studies curricula meet and exceed the New York State Education Department's guidelines. Our child-centered learning program provides students with high level literacy, math, science and social studies education.  


At Gan Academy, social-emotional skills are facilitated through exploration in play, helping to develop the higher-order thinking skills of children. Each group's milestones are specifically implemented according to their functional, emotional and developmental levels. 


Our devoted staff members are warm, kind, and dedicated to student growth. They engage in regular teacher development training and seminars to develop their skills in the classroom. Teachers meet regularly with educational leaders to review curriculum, expand their knowledge base, and discuss developments in the classroom. 


At Gan Academy we foster a sense of community within our larger parent body through our active PTA, Town Hall meetings, and school-wide events. 

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