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Our goal is to instill a sense of respect for all of Hashem’s creations, uphold a strong belief in Hashem and His Torah, and inspire high regard for Jewish values and morals. We strive to prepare our students to be upstanding, contributing, and successful members of this beautiful world, by giving each child the opportunity to explore their own unique capacities and by providing them with a strong Judaic and secular education.

As a Chabad Lubavitch establishment, we develop our curriculums, goals, and ideals based on the Rebbe’s teachings. At Gan Academy we aim to foster a sense of community within our larger community by encouraging parent engagement, school functions, and a strong home-school connection. Most importantly, each child is provided with the tools necessary to lead a meaningful and successful life into adulthood.


Gan Academy is a school that focuses on educating the whole child as a capable, unique, and limitless individual. Each child’s social, emotional, intellectual, academic and spiritual qualities are nurtured so that he or she may reach their full potential. Students are encouraged to question and think about the world around them on a journey to discover the answers for themselves.

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