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About Us


Preschool Day        9:00 AM - 3:00 PM

Elementary Day     9:00 AM - 3:30 PM 


Early and Aftercare offered!


  • Our Judaic curriculum is developed by our director using the teachings of the Rebbe.

  • All הלכות are incorporated according to the Chabad Lubavitch מנהגים.

  • Parsha is learned with lessons taken directly from Sichos of the Rebbe.

  • Aleph Beis is taught according to the הוראות of the Rebbe and קריאה is taught using the עזר מבוא לקרואה.

  • All general studies curriculum is prepared in accordance with the scope and sequence of the NYC public school systems. 

  • The expansion of higher order thinking skills are fostered through monthly thematic units that focus on social emotional development.

  • Gan Academy places a significant focus on meaningful learning through understanding the actual words and practical application to our עבודת ה׳ as found in Torah, Tefillah and Chassidus.

  • ‘אהבת ה and ‘יראת ה are core fundamental pillars of Yiddishkeit that are ingrained in the lessons and actions of our students, teachers and administration from preschool and throughout our school structure.

All students at Gan Academy are required to have up to date vaccinations. There are no exceptions.

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